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Persatuan Genetik Malaysia (Genetics Society of Malaysia) was officially registered on 29th January 1994. The primary objectives of the Society are to develop and promote scientific knowledge on genetics, to create public awareness on its importance and advancement, and to foster a strong relationship and understanding between scientists in genetics and allied disciplines. Since its founding, the Society has grown significantly in terms of membership.

Today, the Society has more than 500 members, comprising 91 life members, 267 ordinary members, 182 student members and 7 associate members. The Society is now affiliated with the International Genetics Federation (IGF) and Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia (COSTAM).

The Society sees great potential in the science of genetics. More genetic technologies and product will be discovered throughout the world, giving greater impact to human and their environment in the future. In any endeavour, the Society fervently hopes to participate and contribute towards their development in the country.


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